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507 W Main St
Charlottesville, VA, 22903
United States


The Freeman Victorius custom picture framing shop is Charlottesville, Virginia's oldest and best frame store, serving the Cville and University communities by framing art, photography, and diplomas or awards. They sell historic prints as well, in their physical and online stores. 


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Freeman-Victorius has something that other frame shops don't ... History.


In 1938, Freeman-Victorius opened its doors to the residents of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia with a simple mission: bring old world techniques and historic fine art to a new world of clients and customers. And over 7 decades later, Freeman-Victorius continues to complete this mission, selling antique prints and providing high-quality custom picture framing to not only people of Virginia but to the global community that we call the internet. Thomas Jefferson would be proud.



There's a good reason their family has been framing since 1938. Precision measurements, the woody smells of freshly chopped moulding, the snappy sound of well-placed binding wedge, and the satisfaction of viewing YOUR art in a perfectly constructed frame--all a reminder that a framing life is a pretty great life. Read on, to learn about some of the expert framing techniques which have been handed down to, and used daily by, Freeman-Victorius over the years. (read more)


Freeman-Victorius doesn't use terminology like customer relations, and they call their regulars 'friends of the family', something they know a thing or two about. They have framed the diplomas of the great grandparents of tomorrow's graduates. Technology. Forms. Automation. Computerized voices. It's easy to grow accustomed to this new way of life, but Freeman-Victorius hasn't forgotten how important a short conversation with an expert can really be. Try that on Amazon. And they have testimonies from real clients to back it up. (read more)


When Freeman-Victorius says "old," they mean it. Some of the prints in their collection are over 300 years old. Now that's history--University History, Charlottesville History, Virginia History, and American History. Check out their online store to see some popular items or give them a call to see if they have that perfect historical gift you have been hunting for but haven't been able to find for years. (shop the store)